Personal Learning Account (PLA)

What is the Personal Learning Account (PLA)?

A Personal Learning Account is a new initiative from the Welsh Government, offering access to free and flexible courses to gain the relevant skills and qualifications needed to develop your career.

Individual eligibility

Eligibility is tested at the point of application. The following individuals are eligible for the programme:

Individuals must:

  • Live in Wales
  • Want to gain skills/qualifications in priority sectors
  • 19 years old or over

In addition, individuals must meet at least one of the following criteria

  • Employed people (including self-employed) earning under the median income (£26,000)
  • Furloughed workers (including anyone who has or is accessing the UK Government Job Retention Scheme - which runs until 31st October 2020 - or the Job Support Scheme - in operation from 1st November 2020)
  • Workers on zero hour contracts
  • Agency staff
  • At risk of being made redundant
  • Employed individuals that have been or potentially will be 'financially' negatively impacted by the economy, for example where their anticipated annual salary this financial year will be less than 26k or the future of their employment could be potentially at risk due to working in a sector which is likely to see a negative impact going forward due to COVID-19

Individuals are ineligible (at the point of application) if they are any of the following:

  • Under the age of 19
  • Attending school or college full-time as a pupil or student
  • In full-time higher education
  • In Welsh Government funded Work Based Learning
  • An ineligible overseas national
  • In receipt of an Assembly Learning Grant or Education Maintenance Allowance
  • Unemployed i.e. does not have a contract of employment

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